My CH Chrysler Hardtop


This is my car. It's a 1972 CH Chrysler Hardtop - one of 500 built. I have owned it since 1990, and until 1998 I drove it every day. Now it gets driven about once a week.

When I bought it, it had been resprayed a revolting metallic brown sort of colour (see below), and was a mechanical disaster. But, despite the abuse by previous owners, it always got me home.

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Over the years I have had it re-resprayed and made various changes, but always in the sprit of garishness and impracticality to which this car was born. The interior is bit of a disaster area, but I'm hoping to fix that soon (I've been saying that for two years).

It has factory 360 cubic inch (5.9 litre) V8 engine, torquefilte 727 transmission, factory A/C, factory-style power windows (probably fitted by a previous owner), factory power steering, and is Australian built.

It was originally fitted with a 2 barrel carb and inlet manifold, which I have replaced with a Carter 625cfm on a factory dual plane manifold. The carb is a bit of overkill for the basically stock engine, but gives me enough room for planned cam changes. The exhaust is still stock (single two-and-quarter inch), but when it finally dies it will be replaced with some headers and I don't know what kind of system. Conventional wisdom seems to suggest that a dual exhaust is the way to go. But do I really need it for an engine built for low to mid range RPM? Opinions welcome!
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To improve the handling I have fitted the usual gas shocks, a 27mm sway bay up front, and I'm progressively switching the bushes to nolathane. The rear has an extra leaf and reset springs, and I'm considering a rear sway bar.

We also have a "modern" daily driver, which is of a certain other brand which starts with F. This regrettable situation was caused by Chrysler's 18 year absence in Australia, but now that they are slowly making a comeback maybe we our next car will have a pentastar too.



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